March 04, 2012

Addition Elle Intimates Event with Ashley Graham

We count it an honor to be one of the names called upon when Addition Elle has something up their sleeves. Last week, we were one of the few invited to take a sneak peak at the new and imporved Intimates collection by Addition Elle. In attendance was the BEAUTIFUL (and I say this with not an OUNCE of exaggeration), Ashley Graham, who modeled the pieces for us while we were there.

Now, you guys know me (Sasha). I am VERY heavy chested. Addition Elle has been my Canadian "bra go to" place for as long as I can remember. They go right up to an "H" cup, which happens to be my size. I had already accepted the fact that there was no way that a girl with my size chest would ever be able to have a fancy bra. I got it...I understood. "Full support comes as it is. There's no bows, colors, patterns for me. How DARE I ask for so much?" Well well well...Addition Elle has flipped the script. Because now they're boldly stating that 'support can also be sexy'... Don't believe them? Well I suggest that you do, because this season is going to be dynamic for Addition Elle on a whole. The pieces are beautiful while the support remains. I am no longer envious of La Senza or Victoria Secret girls! --- My "secret" is Addition Elle.

xoxo- Sash & Garcia

Ashley Graham during an interview.

One of our FAVS.

While listening in on the conversation, I couldn't help but notice how many times it was emphasized that Addition Elle wants to make sure that the plus size girl isn't missing out on the fashion experience. I admire that. For so long, we've been kind of thrown on the side. Forced to wear what was available. And to finally have a Canadian brand willing to include us in the fashion world...They've got my full support--- no pun intended.

The beautiful Ashley and Flaws of Couture.

It's always awesome to see all of our fellow Canadian Plus bloggers! Beauties! 

We want to give a special THANK YOU to Addition Elle for continuing to include us throughout the amazing fashion journey. It is always a pleasure.

Flaws of Couture


  1. It was so lovely getting to meet you ladies! Hopefully it'll happen again soon - with more time to spare! xx

  2. Was so great meeting you! Cant wait to meet up in the near future!

  3. This is a cute blog. I wish you continued the way, deets on those tasseled pants. They're Haute!