March 02, 2012


“You find out who you are by figuring out who and what you're not.” -Kelly Cutrone

I've been getting a lot of heck lately in regards to my choice of clothing. It's caused me to think long and hard about whether or not style and fashion are still channels of self expression. More and more, I've realized that people really have lost their sense of individuality and in a way, really put "fashion" into a box. Aren't we tired of everyone looking the same? Aren't we tired of being told what to wear? Why not dress according to how you feel and how you want to feel? Hey, I mean, that's what I do. But then again, it really is whatever works for you as an individual.

My challenge for you this week is to wear something that is a true reflection of who you are and how you're feeling. Express yourself truthfully, regardless of what others may say or think. You've only got ONE life to live and trust me, they've got theirs!

Sash xoxo 

Yellow Jacket: Thrifted/ Tank: Winners/ Royal Blue Skirt: Forever 21 Plus/ Shoes: Nine West/ Jewelry: Shauna's Closet


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  1. Love the print on that jacket. Awesome outfit!

  2. Fierce i love the jacket and i have that same skirt in so many prints and colors lol

  3. loving the outfit! the colours are awesome!

  4. Thank you ladies! And Kelly...I have ALL the colors too! lol

  5. that jacket is have a very inspiring style it..xxxx

  6. You look so pretty!!! Your whole look is inspiring!

  7. I totally agree! This blog has given me inspirstion to finally STOP caring what people think and live the life that GOD has given me. If we lived for the approval of others, oh what a boring life that would be huh? Kudos to you ladies for not only preaching the truth but lving it too! You both look amazing, ARE amazing and are a true gift to woman like me who needs a push to be reminded of how amazing we are too :)

  8. Ladies thank you so much! And Dion, you have no idea how much that means to us. You and how you're feeling NOW is the reason why we started FOC. I'm so happy that you're learning to LOVE yourself and out others opinions behind you. Its a very hard thing to do, but it really is an accomplishment once you've gotten the hang of it. You are beautiful and you deserve to live your BEST life. So KUDOS to YOUUU my friend.

    Puh-leaassseee keep in touch!

    xoxo- Sasha

  9. where can i also get that jacket from..i love it