March 08, 2012

Dressed Down?

Let's put the myths aside once and for all. We do wear flat shoes. We don't always wear heels. (If we did, I WOULD DIE.) And sometimes, we dress down. In a way I don't want to call this "dressing down" but it the best way I can describe this attire seeing that usually I'm a little more exaggerated than this. Tonight I went to see my best friends little sister dance in a production. With not much thought, I threw this little outfit on, hoping to show you all that I'm not ALWAYS in a dress and heels! Although I love a great pair of heels, I also love an awesome pair of boots. These happen to be my favorite pair (From Torrid). A lot of stress went into this purchase! lol But it was SO worth it!

Just a little something small for ya! Let me know how you like it! Do you prefer my "dressed down" look better?

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Sasha xoxo

Faux Fur Vest: Rainbow/ Long Sleeve Button Up: Penningtons/ Jeans: Penningtons/ Over the Knee Tan Boots: Torrid/ Handbag: AldoJewelry: Shauna's Closet

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  1. Love love love those boots!

  2. Where did you get those boots and are they wide calf?

  3. Your dressed down is still fab