March 21, 2012

Red Stripe

"You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody." - Maya Angelou

Missed me? I know.. I miss me too! (Haha) It's been super busy lately. Most of you know that we had our first launch of our plus size clothing line last year here in Toronto. This year, we're showing new pieces and working on putting on another AMAZING show. So with that being said, its planning time and we hardly have any time to be with ourselves! Pray for us! We need it!

This post is long over due. Our weather has been extremely warm here in Toronto. It's a bit early for all of it, but hey, we'll take it as it comes. I thought I'd take advantage of it and throw on this navy and cream striped bodycon skirt that I got from Forever 21. I paired it with this cream mesh top that I bought a while back from Old Navy. My suede heels are from Torrid and my jewelry is a mixture of Forever21 and Shauna's Closet accessories. Funny fact: I usually HATE wearing red lipstick, but I thought it went really well with this outfit. I was feeling really playful today!

 Moral of the story: Go for it! Sometimes I can tell that people think I "shouldn't be wearing a skirt because I'm plus sized" or I "shouldn't be wearing anything form fitting" period. But remember that if you find it flattering and you're having fun wearing it, that's all that matters. You are your own person and life is way too short to dress according to someone else's wishes! Let me know what you think, peeps...

Sash xoxo

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 Love you guys <<<3333


  1. Love this outfit, skirt is really cute and I love the cloth of the top. Lovely!

  2. cute post and outfit! loving the hair too!!! check out me and my sisters blog sometime

  3. Love this outfit!!! I recently purchased the same skirt and wore it with a shirt over it ( ) but I love the way you have it pulled up to be high-waisted! Gorgeous!!!!!
    Very happy I stumbled upon your blog : )


  4. Julia, I love it on you! Just took a look! xoxo