March 11, 2012

Review: Coral Trench Coat by Penningtons

Let's get straight to it! I love Love LOVE this coral spring trench coat that Penningtons sent our way (Thank you, Penningtons!). It's always nice to see a surprise in the mail waiting for you, especially when it has "Penningtons" written on the box! Just as a teaser/tester for the Spring wear collection, Penningtons thought that we might enjoy this beautiful coat. Other than the fact that coral is a really big color for this Spring, I believe that EVERY woman should own a nice fitting trench coat. Whether you pull it off in the Winter, or you decide to get a light Spring version like this gorgeous one from Penningtons.

For me, wearing a trench is an AWESOME way to "cop out!" lol-- I'LL EXPLAIN... I wore this for the first time today to go to church. I literally had a black tank on underneath and black leggings. Now that wouldn't be something I would wear alone to church, but today I did simply because of the accompaniment of my Penningtons trench! A bold bright colored trench can pull everything together. Have you ever seen an outfit that just seems to have a lot of loose ends? Sometimes all it takes is a good coat to collect the thoughts and give off a really polished look. Both Garcia and I are fans! I say, "Go now! Go get your coral trench coat from Penningtons!"
PS. I also hear that its now 25% off! Get it HERE before it goes!

Sash xoxo

I'm not wearing much other than my coat! BUT my floral patterned heels are from Burlington Coat Factory. My leggings are from Rainbow and my jewelry is courtesy of Shauna's Closet.

Love the buttons on this coat.

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  1. *gasps* this looks amazing on you. the colour is absolutely beautiful!
    i love it!

  2. That color is beautiful on you! I've seen this particular coat on another blogger, I believe. It's amazing how different a piece can look on two different people and two different styles. Also, those shoes are great!

  3. cute outfit and your hair looks fab in this pic