April 02, 2012

Block That Colour

And the sun has come out once again! And I'm taking advantage. The weather in Toronto has been so up and down lately, so I thought I might as well show some leg while it counts! This year, colour-blocking is one of the biggest trends. A lot of people have been talking to us about how to achieve the colour-block look successfully. My advice would be this: If you aren't sure how to put it together, try finding a dress that already does it for you. In this case, I did it myself by just pairing two bright colours together. Think threes. Number 1: Top. Number 2: Bottom. Number 3: Shoes. Pick three bright colours and WORK IT OWWT! Try not to go with colours that are too similar to each other. Often times what happens is that you can't tell the difference in colour and you don't end up getting the pop that you were initially going for.

This blue top is an older thrift item of mine, while the skirt is from Forever 21. My lovely wedges are from Torrid, who ALWAYS takes care of my feet!
It was a very casual kind of day for me and I love it! Hope you all enjoy!

Garcia xoxo


  1. I love the color blocking trend, you look great!


  2. I love it Too! I just have sucj an odd shape like I have HUGE breasts and a smaller bottom so I look like a linebacker! I wish I can wear my tops inside liek you ladies who are truly curvy :( you look great Garcia!

  3. wow typos allll over that last comment sorry lol