April 10, 2012

Somewhere, Somehow.

"Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure
- Oprah Whinfrey

You're probably cursing us out saying, "WHERE THE HELL HAVE THEY BEEN?! *side eye*"
I know, we deserve a spanking! This time of year gets so busy for us though. Most of you know that we put on an annual fashion show, "Flawless", around this time of year and it really takes up almost ALL of our time! But no more excuses! We love you guys and that's all that matters. Lets make ya'll happy again! haha.

So this Easter Sunday, both Garcia and I were in service trying to distress and rejuvenate for the week. I've had this mesh-coat-thingamajigger  from Forever 21 in my closet for QUITE some time. When I saw it for 7 bucks, it was on clearance and looked like NO ONE wanted it. Sure enough, I bought it and I decided that it NEEDED to be worn somewhere, SOMEHOW. I paired it with these tribal harem-ish looking pants also from Forever 21 and my brown suede system heels from Torrid. I've always wanted to wear this mesh coat with a bodycon mini, but there's always next time! Plus, it was a bit chilly on Sunday! Something simple for you, hope you like it!

Sash xoxo

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  1. OMG yes i looove the entire look #werk

  2. *gasps* OMG I'm in love with your outfit! those pants are amazing! Rock it, Gurl!

  3. thanks ladies!!!! I'm happy you like it! And to think I wasn't going to post this! *blushing*

    xoxo Sash

  4. <3 the pants and your heels look great with them. =)

  5. that whole outfit looks great on you!!

    im glad you did post this, it gave my inspiration to put on my harem pants tomorrow.


  6. Glad I could inspire! Thanks Ladies!

  7. Very cute!!! Love the pants!!

  8. Love you girls style & courage! I plan on stopping by here again.

    -Faith Seeker