June 21, 2012


When in doubt, make it YOURSELF! I'm not a partier AT ALL. Clubs really aren't my thing, but the a few weeks ago, Tika Simone invited us to a party that she was hosting. Of course, there would have to be a catch. It was an ALL WHITE AFFAIR! When I told everyone that I didnt have anything white, everyone was shocked for some reason. "You're a fashion blogger! What do you mean you dont have white?!" I figured that because it was such late notice, I'd have to make something myself. Garcia and I have been so busy, so what we decided to do was buy fabric instead of going on a wild goose hunt for something reasonably priced and WHITE!

I'm extremely happy with the result! I decided to make a white version of our two piece from the Flaws of Couture 2012 collection. I paired it with this SUPER cute cropped jacket from Forever21. I'm really obsessed with these "basketball wives" hoop earrings. Even though its just a simple return of the 90's hoops that I rocked as a kid DAILY. Garcia went with a floral but white based skirt. Also a DIY. Then she wore this really REALLY nice high-low sleeve-less button up from Addition Elle.

Excuse my BIG HAIR. I'm trying a new natural thannnggg! Tell us how you like it!!

June 04, 2012


Hey family! Hope everybody is ECSTATIC! We miss THE HECK out of you guys and can't wait to get back to posting often! We have SO VERY much in store for all of you! But in the meantime, yesterday was my 22nd birthday. I found a better way to make that sound better though..."21+1". I figured that since twenty-one was my favourite age, I never really have to give it up if I just break it down a bit...right? Next year it'll be 21+2...and so on. (Don't judge me) Well regardless of the age...It was nice to finally dress up a little bit seeing that Garcia and I have been swamped lately with work, giving us NO TIME to actually look cute! 

I was feeling so mellow and peaceful this year for my birthday. So when I saw this daisy printed dress at Forever 21, I had to try it on. Surprisingly, it was an amazing fit. I was convinced that I was going to be hanging this back up, but I didn't turn out that way. This was my BIRFF-DAYY dress! So comfy as well. Most of you know that my boobs are quite the jugs lol (H cup), so having this fit so nicely and comfortably was awesome. 

THEN, I got these gorgeous block-heel sandals from Pay Less. I got them for 20% off with their TEXT promo and BOYYY am I satisfied. I don't care what anybody says, PayLess is stepping up their game and you can really find some hot designs in there! I say, give it a try! Let me know what you think about the outfit! And also, what about my hair? I've been really into my natural hair lately. Finding new ways to style it and take care of it. Let me know if you're feeling it!

Chow! xoxo