July 11, 2012

One More Step!

It's almost over. We've completed OUR show (which was OUTSTANDING by the way) but now we just have to complete one more event and we'll be back in action! This Sunday, we will be one of the designer lines showing in the "Fuller Woman Expo Show" at Dundas Square (which is kinda like Time Square for my American friends!) ! It's a SUPER big deal for us and its a free event! So for those of you who are available and in the Toronto area, COME ON OUT!

I'll leave with you guys a picture from our show the other night! Below is a photo of our models being goofy like always. They are ALL dressed in our FOC clothing! This is right after they RIPPED THE RUNWAY!

Amazing Job! Better photos coming soon!

1 comment:

  1. I hope you guys come out to the expo in Detroit, I would love to meet ya and see your designs!