October 04, 2012


 My loves! How is everything going? Hopefully all is well with everyone. I'm headed to New York tonight for my older brother's wedding. Before I leave, I wanted to show you guys this super cute zip-up that I got from my dad. First off, its pretty much as old as I am so I'm pretty privileged to even be wearing it. My Dad takes SUCH pride in his clothing (probably where I get it from), so him handing this down to me is a pretty big deal.

Lately, you would think that I was boycotting anything "matching". I've been mixing colours, textures and prints this whole summer. Well, now that Summer is over, it seems as though I still can't  let the pattern mixing go. Not many people would put a mens army jackets with floral pumps. Key words: "not many". But of course, Sasha would. And you know what....I don't think it was all that bad! I actually LOVE it. I got the black leggings from Urban Planet here in Toronto. I JUST came to the understanding that Urban Planet is making some of their clothing in plus sizes. I was absolutely SHOCKED when I walked in and saw leggings and hoodies in a 2X. Well, I bought a pair for 6 bucks and it has been the BEST 6 bucks spent in a LONG WHILE! So comfy. I definitely recommend!

Let me know what you think, family! Special LOVE-UP and welcome to our newest followers!!
PS. Get excited because OCTOBER means FOC Winter Scarves time!!

Army Mesh Zip-Up: Hand Me Dowwwn/ Leggings: Urban Planet/ Floral Pumps: Burlington Coat Factory/ Bag: Gift