October 19, 2012

Obese and still a good role model?

My peoplessss! I was a guest speaker on the radio podcast show, The Sum Up, last week! I was contacted by Shannon Boodram (who I've idolized for pretty much the last THREE YEARS!), whom you guys may know from the very popular blog-site and YouTube channel, Those Girls Are Wild. I've admired her for so long so when she contacted me about guest speaking on her and Mike Warren's show, I FLIPPED OUT.
(In other words, I said "HELL YEAH!")

I was called in to address the main topic of the News Anchor who felt like she was being attacked about her weight (WATCH HERE). The main question was: "Can you be obese and still be a good role model?"

Want to hear what I had to say? Then you have to listen to this episode! Lets just say, Shannon and I were slightly on opposites sides of the fence! Below, I've attached a picture of my new black spiked jacket from Forever 21 PLUS. They completely won me over with this jacket. If I could sleep in it, I would. It's definitely helping me as I transition into my obsession/love for all things black. Tell me what you think?

Click-->: Listen Here

I had an amazing time.

xoxo- Sash

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  1. omg this jacket is SO cute..I wouldn't have though it was from Forever 21!