November 12, 2012

Tika Simone's Rebirth of "The Known UNknown"

We've been following Tika Simone with all of the shows she's been doing for the last few years. The evolution, growth and quality has wowed me every single time Garcia and I set foot into another Known Unknown event. So this time around, I had the chance to interview her and some of the artists performing on behalf of Real Talk TV. Although I was working, I had such an amazing time in the midst of so much talent. Garcia got to enjoy the performances all night. Proud that I call, Toronto, such a diverse and talented city, 'home'. If you are in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), you MUST keep yourself posted on upcoming events! Its a great way to mix, mingle and just gel with people who all have one thing in common. That one thing being the love of music. Support is always appreciated.

On a side note, I was dressed by Real Talk's plus size clothing sponsor, "Gussied Up". I was able to rock this super sexy black leather paneled dress and a black leather coat. I decided to throw on one of our NEWEST  FOC infinity scarves. After putting it on...the outfit was COMPLETE. Super sexy. Super fierce. But, super simple. There was absolutely nothing to this outfit. Of course it looked great, but its simple to achieve. If you're having trouble like I was finding a way to make your outfit pop, look for a big statement piece. I was trying to find a necklace, then bracelets, then a hat....until I was like...Why don't I just make a sexy scarf?!?!? It's totally season appropriate (for those of us in cold climates), and it eliminates all the little extra things that your mind may be convincing you to pack on! Let me know what you think. And if you haven't already gone to our scarf site...SHAME ON YOU! GO NOW!

PS. Keep checking in! We add new scarves every two weeks! xo

Sorry...I'm a little bit of a spazz...

..And you already KNOW how we feel about Full Figured girls KILLING IT..





  1. Girl, you did that! Love the dress and the scarf!!!! I need to add that dress to my wardrobe!!!

  2. Right?! Thanks girl! check out Gussied Up! She's doing the damn thanggg! lol.

    Much love!