May 27, 2012

FOC Presents: FLAWLESS!!!

I know! What kind of bloggers are we, right?!?! Trust me, we feel guilty every day. One thing we can promise though, is that as soon as this show is under control, we'll be giving you some AMAZING posts! I bought two CUTTTEEE outfits from Forever 21 the other day....Hmm! But in the meantime and in between time....lets show you what we've been up to!

Here is our first homemade promo video for the show! You all should know by now that we're putting on our second fashion show downtown Toronto this July 7 2012. If you live in the area, or even Canada for that matter...YOU SHOULD BE THERE! For ticket info, email: !!

I wanna see your beautiful faces!! Let me know what you think of the video and of the flyers below!

xoxo -Sash

May 15, 2012

Flaws of Couture presents FLAWLESS...#2!!!

I can FEEL that darts being thrown at me! Guyssssss, we're SOOOOO sorry for the lack of posts lately! You already know my excuse! We are almost a month away from our second fashion show debuting our plus size clothing line! Its a HUGEEE show put on by us, Flaws of Couture! We showcase other designers and have really well known Toronto artists perform! Tickets will be available this Friday so if you're in the area...

These are just some photos of our latest photo shoot with CreeCree Photography for our event Flyer! Behind the scenes and raw images is all we can offer at the moment, but once we release the flyer...its full speed ahead! Hope you guys like the designs and our fabulous plus-models, Vanessa, Chamica and Taymar!

Love ya!
(for info on the show and tickets, email:
oxox Sash

Don't mind our "busted-ness"

Email us for info on our show! !!

Flaws of Couture presents Flawless
 Saturday July 7th 2012
@ Dazzling Lounge