January 31, 2013

Waiting to Refresh

Tis a new year and a new season and so much is in store for Flaws of Couture. Besides us working on our scarf line & youtube channel, we are seeking to refresh everything about who we are, our brand, and what we stand for on a whole! How do you guys like our new blog look/layout? We absoltely ADORE the work that our web designer Tanisha Clark continues to do. (For her info, contact us through email.) 

Toronto weather has been ALL OVER the place lately. Fortunately enough, we've been getting these super warm breaks! And being from Canada and all, no matter the snow on the ground, if us Canadians see some sun and feel some warmth, we throw those jackets to the wolves! Can you blame us? We get Winter and July in this country! With that being said, I've gotten myself into the protective hairstyle habit by wearing these jumbo braids for the next little while. I find that they are so flexible and go so well with MANY looks. Below I've paired my see-through chiffon Penningtons top with these super cute jeans from Forever 21. Then, you know how I feel about my feet. Torrid has my back unconditionally. These red heels have saved so many of my outfits. Adding a bold colour with just enough heel. I also added that super cute necklace around my collar. That too, is from Forever 21. I honestly felt refreshed. I don't know if its my new experimenting with my makeup routine or if its my riskayyyy-ness....but hey, I'm loving it! Try refreshing your look ever so often. Throw on some colourful heels with your jeans one day or spend some extra time and put on those lashes you've always wanted to wear! Just do it! I promise you, it'll uplift your spirit in the most subtle way. 

Let me know how you're feeling! xo


  1. cant wait to see more posts in the future! this look reminds me of my retro look that i have on my blog!

  2. love your hair! very cute outfit!

  3. I love those braids, I have some waist-length twists in right now myself. Are yours super-heavy? I've been looking the right braids to achieve the look without the weight. www.candekiss.com

  4. lovely, lovely and lovely boobs. wish i could lick them.