February 09, 2013

"Your Big Sister's Closet!"

"Anybody can sympathize with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathize with a friend's success."- Oscar Wilde

If there is one thing that I pride myself in, it's my family and friends. I get extremely happy when I can watch my friends/fellow bloggers accomplish everything they've wanted to. After seeing them push and trample over obstacles, it's so rewarding to see them bask in their own success.

Karen Ward has officially opened her beautiful plus size boutique down here in Toronto. You may know Karen from the plus size blog, Curvy Canadian! I stopped by on the Grand Opening to give my support and I was completely shocked at the professionalism and beauty of her new boutique. "Your Big Sister's Closet" is an amazing addition to the plus size community in Toronto. Everything from the service, to the layout and the selection was outstanding. Karen has done a great job of bringing unique and vibrant pieces to her shop. Very trendy and relevant pieces are present all throughout.  I tried on a few pieces that I did enjoy, but over all, I was won over by the purses! If you are a bag lover like me, I suggest you get your bum bum down there ASAP! Beau-ti-FULL bags! I didn't know what to do with myself! She created such an amazing experience for everyone there. Hairstylists, makeup artists, candy bar, finger-foods and milkshakes! You name it, it was there. Karen, CONGRATS. 

"Your Big Sister's Closet" is located at 3126 Dundas Street West, Toronto Ontario. I suggest you keep yourself posted with all Karen has in store for the plus size community. Visit her at her blog (Curvy Canadian) or on her website at www.yourbigsisterscloset.com.

Customer soaking up the amazing hair services offered during the Grand Opening!

Just SOME of the bags I fell in love with.


Karen (Store Owner) and I.

Karen helping one of her guests.



  1. how amazing is that! now i wish i were in canada. germany is pretty slow with plussize stores...

  2. Incrivel!!! Desejo sucesso!!

  3. I love your weave!! where can I get packs just like that ?