March 07, 2013

Ashely Graham; The Ultimate 'Show-Stopper'

Where do I even start?... No..really, I don't even know if I have enough space to condense in this post the amount of fun the last two days have been for Garcia and I. We were blessed enough to be one of the few bloggers invited out to dinner with Ashley Graham and Addition Elle the other  night. Not knowing anything much before hand, we went in with the intentions to eat and be merry with good friends; to toast to a promising future. And a promising future it is indeed! That night, the beautiful plus size model, Ashley Graham, announced to us FIRST that she will be releasing her own lingerie line with Addition Elle come November! 

The news is refreshing. It's exciting and liberating. Ashley is such an asset to Addition Elle and such a genuine heart. I don't think there is a better person for us to lust after other than her! LOL! So since she's the sexiest woman alive in our eyes, we're super excited that we can have a little piece of her sassiness on a day to day basis once her line is released! It was just a complete pleasure to have dinner with other plus size fashion bloggers from all over. Nadia from Nadia Abouholhson, Gabi from Gabi Fresh, Marie Denee from The Curvy Fashionista, Sarah from Queen Sized Flava, Karyn from Killer Kurves, Karen Ward from Curvy Canadian and the LOVELY ladies from Addition Elle that make EVERYTHING happen! Great food, beautiful service and laughter over wine is everything we all needed.

We want to thank Addition Elle for including us in such an amazing time. For all of you wondering what is in store for Addition Elle, you've GOT to go in and take a look! There are so many pieces that are TO DIE FOR. When Addition Elle said they were re-branding, they meant business. Expect colour, youth and everything TRENDY. Remember the time when we didn't feel like we plus size women had a choice of what to wear? Well, that time is over! Addition Elle has stepped in and is giving women like us an 'option'. The 'option' to look and feel unstoppable.

 Addition Elle "GETS IT".

(Stay tuned for our next post on NIGHT #2 at the Addition Elle Yonge Street Store Opening Event!)

The MANY faces of Marie Denee. Priceless. 

Ashley Graham cupcake!

ALL of us!

Count on Sarah to step RIGHT in front of me when I'm giving my best "Ashley" pose. LOL

Garcia and I are both wearing ASOS CURVE




  1. I am the ultimate photo crasher!!
    sincerely yours,
    Sarah aka XXL

  2. Looks fun! You and Garcia look fabbbbb!

  3. seems like you all had a lot of fun!