March 12, 2013


"Your FLAWS are PERFECT for the heart that's meant to love you." -Trent Shelton

I can't express how much I've fallen in love with this dress. When Luxe Vain said that they were sending Garcia and I a dress, I knew I just had to have this one. It's called the "Houndstooth Doll Baby Dress". To be completely honest with you, I've never liked this type of print. But I think it was the shortness that caught my eye lol. Now I love everything about it! I've come to the conclusion that I LOVE short ish. I can't help myself. I adore the satin trim on the sides and around the bottom of the dress; such a sweet touch. My honest opinion? Luxe Vain is the BOMB.DOT.COM. They have so many really nice pieces for ladies full in figure. And what matters to me most is service. They have been so courteous and Garcia and I have received such good service. I will definitely be partnering my Visa Debit with this online website! (Hopefully my mom skips this post LOL) Go to Luxe Vain NOW!

So I wore my favourite boots from Shoe Dazzle...AGAIN! I hope you guys like my Erykah Badu inspired head wrap. Of course, I'm from Toronto, so head wraps are definitely nothing new down here (black girl thing? haha). Just thought it was the PERFECT touch to an awesome outfit! Tell me what you think! (Photo creds to my talented little sister, Dahlia!)

I came across the sweetest video this week on my Facebook wall (posted at the very end of this post!). As soon as I saw it, I knew I'd be posting it here for you all to see. Although we always seem like we have it all together, we're girls. We have our days where we don't feel one hundred. And sometimes our minds wander and we let the world confuse us with stupid social norms. Well, Trent Shelton here, (seems like such a great guy by the way!) has some encouragement for us! God has definitely blessed  him with a gift. I guess I'm in a "love" mood. His words are inspirational and RELEVANT.

-Canadiana xo


  1. so so pretty! love the dress and your headwrap! you have really pretty legs!

  2. Linda..Vc realmente parece uma boneca!!
    Amei esse vestido haha!!!