April 21, 2013


I'm super lax and satisfied with this look. On my way out on the town and this is what my hands came up with. I think almost anyone can spice up a bad hair day with a skully (hat). I think the cool thing about this look is that its so masculine yet so girly with the pop of colour on the lips. Makes you feel BADDD, but so sexy all in the same breath! This colour is so similar to the Nicki Minaj lip glass from Mac, but it's actually "Pink Parfait" by LA Colors! Talk about the cheap route! There are ways around the dolls, ladies! There are WAYS.

My denim jacket and lace peplum top are both from no other than the fabulous, Addition Elle. While the leggings were a SUPERB find from Winners. I got these shoes from Payless YEARS ago...and look who's back out to play? Don't you just love how trends just come right back around? I'm not one to be afraid of colour but I'm also not one to run away from black! I think Kim Kardashian and Kanye have definitely rubbed off their monochrome habits on the WHOLE fashion industry. I'm definitely not afraid of piggy-backing on that trend! 
I mean, why not? It's sharp and it's HOT.

My word of advice, it's okay flourish in your androgynous side as plus size women.
As long as you DO IT WELL.

G-cia. <3


  1. Preto é básico e eu amei!!

  2. Love this look! Cute jacket and I loveee the lippie!