July 23, 2013

Jog Me Up!

Hey loves!! I feel like its been a million and one years since I've put up a post, but don't worry because I am back, for real this time
Whats new in my life?? Ummm... Everything! Lately, life is becoming so overwhelming and I've found myself loosing my spark; loosing what makes me, "me". Its sounds crazy but believe me, 21 year olds go through their own mess! Part of the reason I've been feeling like this, is because of how my love life is going. I never understood how loving one person could change you. I used to judge people who let themselves get caught up with their relationships and emotions, but after this experience I am a believer that love makes us cray! I've learned a lot about myself and even though things didn't work out I'm using it as a learning experience to better myself and hopefully never make the same mistakes again. Also, Sasha and I have been working tirelessly  on some new things you all will love! We have been really trying to focus on branding ourselves, and getting our message out there. 
New things are coming your way for the fall!

Today's outfit is inspired by the jogger style trend. I decided to keep it simple with a few bold accessories. The jogger pants are from one of my favourite stores, Addition Elle! I got them on sale form $15. The top is from H&M, my classic heels are from Payless and accessories are from all over the place.
 I am obsessed with this new lip colour! It's  from LA Colors and goes by the name of "Amethyst". It reminds me of "RiRi Boy" from the Rihanna Mac collection.

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  1. I'm so happy to see you posting again!! I love this look and you look stunning!!


  2. Who would have thought jogging bottoms could look this chic and glam? Not me!