July 14, 2013


"To the living, we owe respect. To the dead, we owe only the truth."

I wanted to give you guys some lovinggg. I picked up this beautiful combo from Target last week! The skirt was a new item in store, so when I bought it, I couldn't WAIT to show you guys. When I saw it, I knew I had to have it RIGHT AWAY. And because I have such a big head, I like winged out/cat-eye glasses. It helps to balance my face features out so well. What I like most about the skirt is the white patchwork. I've always wished I was a little more "hippy" and this skirt does the trick lol! Illusions I tell ya! I hope you like it...and my hair? So different from what I'm used to! The whole look is so sleek. I absolutely love it. Feeling like I'm getting my Kim K on...no?! Let me know what you think!

[Black Top: Target/ Skirt: Target/ Shades: Target/ Necklace: Thrift/ Shoes: Payless]

In addition to all things great, I want you guys to keep completely posted to Flaws of Couture. We have so much in store for you this Fall/Autumn! It's going to be BANANAS. In the meantime, if you haven't liked our Facebook fan page...I suggest you do! Soon we'll be doing give aways like nobody's business! You sure you wanna miss out on that? AND I have about 3,300 of you beauties on INSTAGRAM (@flawsofcouture)! Stick with us! It's gonna be awesome! Anyhow, I've been making  it a point to speak my mind about things that matter to me. If you want to know how I feel about the Zimmerman case verdict....go to the bottom of this post. Thank you so much guys for showing so much love, I take it you all REALLY loved the swimsuit? Yippeee, that only means that I gotta get another! lol You guys are special. Thank you for being our ride-or-diessss. <3


 I could barely find the energy to make this post. The day was going extremely well, and then I heard the news. "Zimmerman, NOT guilty." I've made it a point to keep politics/media out of anything I do on the blog just because its such a touchy issue. You come here for fashion/style, and thats what I want to give you. But who are we really if we can't be ourselves? When I was debating whether or not I should write how I feel on the blog, I came to one conclusion. This is MY blog. Of course I should let you guys know what matters to me and stand up proudly for the things that I believe are right. I am so disheartened by the verdict, and I am shocked at how easily Zimmerman got off. All I can think of is the intention of Trayvon Martin. All I can think of is the candy in his hand, the iced tea in his pocket. And his intention to go home. HOME. Those simple things will haunt me forever. Trayvon is the same age as my little brother. Tall like him. Athletic like him. Loves candy from the corner store like him. Trayvon WAS my little brother & justice was not served today for him today.

Something must be done.

Trayvon, rest peacefully honey.


  1. Gorgeous outfit! I can totally sense the Kim K aura of it!

  2. I just discovered your blog on black fashion. Love love this outfit, and I saw that you guys are Canadians even better!!! Anyways, you have a new follower!! Would love for you to check out my blog, and follow as well for updates and outfit posts if you like. chow


  3. thanks ladies! I was just on both of your blogs! You guys are the bombbbb. And I didnt see the post on black fashion! Hopefully I find it soon! So cool! ANd yes, we ARE canadians!!!


  4. You look fab, I wish I could have made it to Toronto, but my plans feel through!

    I totally feel you on the trial it angers me, to the point were I can't even speak on it...just lost.