August 14, 2013


"Life is about moving on."-Unknown

Rough week for me. So, I won't be saying much. You guys know I love you, and truly this is one of the only things that keep me grounded and takes my mind off of things. About two weeks ago, I took a trip to Buffalo with a good friend of mine. I always make it a point to go into Forever 21 whenever I cross the border, just in case they have something that our Canadian stores don't. Like always...I find things that are only available to only my American friends! Pfff! lol! This top spoke to me immediately. With the pleather sleeves and the bold graphics...I knew it had to go home with me. In my head, I already knew it was going to be paired up with my black pleather-tasseled jeans that I got from Forever 21 PLUS about a year or two ago. 

I seem to be addicted to the black look lately. Although I love it, hopefully I can bring some colour back into my life. In more ways than one. I'm definitely in a learning stage right now. And although it's extremely hard, I'm learning to accept inalienable truths, cherish and concentrate on only the people who truly love me, and move on with my life. Life does indeed go on. Dedicating this one to my big sister, Chauntelle. 
Thank you.

Sasha xo

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  1. Love this whole look! your red lip is popping!,

  2. amazing outfit I LOVE THOSE PANTS! the fringes, amazing! girl you look amazing as always!

  3. I love this look! You look amazing! I pray that everything will work out for the best! Keep on keepin' on! :D
    --Ciara <3