October 02, 2013

Pretty For A Big Girl? Crewnecks by Flaws of Couture

I am EXCITED and ELATED to announce that Flaws of Couture's "Pretty for a Big Girl?" crew necks are about to release this FRIDAY OCTOBER 4th at MIDNIGHT

It's been a long time coming and we are just so happy that we could share something this controversial and AMAZING with you. If you're a big girl, YOU KNOW about this statement/compliment? all too well. Let's make a statement TOGETHER and get people talking! Let's let them know that we're not "pretty for BIG girls"...but rather PRETTY "PERIOD".

Can't wait to see you all in your crews!


MUA- Jessica Biffi & Jelissa Matthew
Photographer- Elliot Parrot
Accessories- Talecia Gordon
Videographer- Omar Morrison

1 comment:

  1. these are amazing i love them! checking out the shop right NOOOOWWW!!!