August 27, 2013

About that Colour...

So, about that colour I was talking about in the last post. I really am trying to fill my life with colour and  inspiration lately! Fortunately, I got these beautiful jeans at the BIG DEAL TORONTO event put on by my blogger big sister, Karen Ward (Curvy Canadian)! These jeans are actually from another fellow blogger of mine, Carlie! Some of you may know her from her amazing blog, Friends In My Closet. Actually, I believe these jeans are originally from Old Navy! Perfect lead up to the new OLD NAVY PLUS SIZE LINE! Big Deal Toronto is an annual event where plus size bloggers like myself get to sell pieces from their closet! This year had a HUGE turn out! Fortunately, I got to meet so many of you and managed to snag these pants at the same time!

This cute aztec print peplum top was $12 from WALMART! Yup. I know. I was just doing some grocery shopping a while back and happened to notice this top while picking up my last pieces. I couldn't leave it behind. Twelve bucks? Like, really? 
It HAD to come home with me!

Sasha xo

August 23, 2013


Okay guys. Are you ready? Well, you better be because I'm about to beat you to the chase! My favourite season is approaching and I have great news for you Canadian beauties. Just in time for Fall,  Old Navy has launched an exclusive plus size collection that can only be purchased at! The collection went live yesterday and is already the HOT TOPIC in the plus size blogging community! What I've always loved about Old Navy is the value for great everyday pieces! And they are thrilled to offer even more Canadian women their unique brand of accessible style at a value. If you're going to look anywhere for your wardrobe everyday essentials this Fall, I'd say you 
MUST start: HERE.


The plus-sized assortment is specifically designed to flatter a fuller-figured woman. Women across Canada can now shop Old Navy for a full range of stylish must-haves up to size 30, such as, Rockstar denim, dresses, embellished sweatshirts, activewear with separates starting from $10.94 (ALL FOUND: HERE). Come on guys...what do I talk to you about all the time! Spending wisely...Old Navy understands this! We know how expensive the plus size market can get. So, I appreciate this collection immensely and I know you will too!  You've got to take a look! Get all your wardrobe essentials, HERE.


You thought that was all? Ladies, get this! You can shop Old Navy Plus 24/7, with free shipping on orders $50 or more, free returns everyday and access to look-building features like the “outfits we love” section. I know Garcia is going to have a conniption because she is Old Navy QUEEN! And I can;t wait to get my hands on the collection either! 
Check it out: HERE!


All Jeans are  On Sale starting at $19 until the 29th of this month! And guess what? No more being excluded because your plus size jeans are a part of that sale! So many great styles and designs...TAKE A LOOK AT THEM: HERE!

 Happy Shopping! And don't forget to share! Be nice! Although we'd all like to keep it to ourselves...EVERYONE deserves in on this collection!


August 14, 2013


"Life is about moving on."-Unknown

Rough week for me. So, I won't be saying much. You guys know I love you, and truly this is one of the only things that keep me grounded and takes my mind off of things. About two weeks ago, I took a trip to Buffalo with a good friend of mine. I always make it a point to go into Forever 21 whenever I cross the border, just in case they have something that our Canadian stores don't. Like always...I find things that are only available to only my American friends! Pfff! lol! This top spoke to me immediately. With the pleather sleeves and the bold graphics...I knew it had to go home with me. In my head, I already knew it was going to be paired up with my black pleather-tasseled jeans that I got from Forever 21 PLUS about a year or two ago. 

I seem to be addicted to the black look lately. Although I love it, hopefully I can bring some colour back into my life. In more ways than one. I'm definitely in a learning stage right now. And although it's extremely hard, I'm learning to accept inalienable truths, cherish and concentrate on only the people who truly love me, and move on with my life. Life does indeed go on. Dedicating this one to my big sister, Chauntelle. 
Thank you.

Sasha xo

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August 07, 2013

CARIBANA 2013: Toronto Caribbean Carnival

"NOBODY can make you feel inferior without your consent."

It's been years that Garcia and I have been wanting to participate in our very well known Carnival here in Toronto. I've been here my whole life, so I've grown up watching the festivities and parade every summer hoping that one day, I'd get the courage to put on one of those amazing costumes and JUMP UP to celebrate my culture! Finally this year, we came to the agreement that our bodies deserved to be celebrated just as much as the next chick's! So fortunately, we played mas in this years Caribana Parade for Tribal Knights. Ladies, we did this with our well being in mind. But mostly, we did it for every full figured girl who's backed out or stayed on the side lines because they felt their body wasn't up to carnival standards. Well guess what my love, this is one time of year where NONE of that matters. Let it go, get your arms outstretched and DANCE like no one is watching!

I would encourage any girl with the itch to do this...TO DO IT! We had so much fun and I cannot believe I waited this long to be a part of something so amazing and so culture based. I am so in love with culture and community. And oddly enough, this is the most attractive I have ever felt! Can you imagine?! With no clothes on, hiding nothing...I felt the best I've ever felt. I'm telling you, its WORTH IT! I couldn't have chosen a better time to be involved. Hope you guys like it! Tell me what you think!


Beautiful Toronto. I love you.