October 11, 2013

Miss me?

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

Guys! I miss you. I'm so busy with the launch of my now SOLD OUT "Pretty for a Big Girl?" line!!!
If you really miss me though (as much as I miss you...), I share a LOT on my Instagram! 
(Follow me: @Flawsofcouture)

Speaking of Instagram, theres been a few boutiques that I've purchased from on there! This dress is from Affordable Plus on Instagram (@affordable_plus)! She has some awesome, really affordable pieces for plus size beauties like us! Hope you like it! Go follow her now...you're missing out as we speak!


October 02, 2013

Pretty For A Big Girl? Crewnecks by Flaws of Couture

I am EXCITED and ELATED to announce that Flaws of Couture's "Pretty for a Big Girl?" crew necks are about to release this FRIDAY OCTOBER 4th at MIDNIGHT

It's been a long time coming and we are just so happy that we could share something this controversial and AMAZING with you. If you're a big girl, YOU KNOW about this statement/compliment? all too well. Let's make a statement TOGETHER and get people talking! Let's let them know that we're not "pretty for BIG girls"...but rather PRETTY "PERIOD".