November 12, 2013

Let me explain! Pretty for a Big Girl? & FOC SCARVES

Okay ladies and gents, you have every reason in the world to be slightly perturbed with us. Let's just say we've been EXTREMELY busy working on our new "Pretty for a Big Girl?" streetwear line and the return of our VERY well known infinity scarves! I promise that come next week, we will be back up and running with some new looks for you, BUT in the meantime, I'm going to answer all of your emails in this one post!

QUESTION: When, when WHENNN are the scarves coming back and how can I get into one of the "Pretty for a Big Girl?" crew necks?

ANSWER: Now, now NOWWWW is the time! And you will find everything on our site:
 (another way to find the link is by just scrolling up and clicking on "SHOP"!)

So, with that being said, we just want to thank everyone who has supported us with our line and the movement that we feel so passionate about. We're definitely making a HUGE statement one sweater at a time. We've sold out 3 whole times! We're extremely grateful for all of your support! Can't wait to show you what I've got up my sleeve for next week!

        ex-ohhh. -Sash