May 05, 2014

Spring w/ Penningtons & CHCH Morning Live

Last week, Garcia and I had the opportunity of appearing live on CHCH Morning Live TV representing ourselves (our blog) as models for Penningtons! When we were asked by the Penningtons team to come on and show off some of their new SPRING pieces, we knew that we just HAD to! What was even better was that we got to work with the very talented stylist, Erica Wark who works on many shows like The Social, The Marilyn Denis Show and ETalk (to name a FEW)!  

April 03, 2014

Kate Young for Target Canada

I've been waiting for the right time to wear this Kate Young for Target dress for... forever now!  The whole concept of featured designer lines and/or Target Canada in general was so much to take in last year. I'm sure all Canadian fashionistas were just as excited as I was. When I first saw this dress, I absolutely fell in love. I had so many visions of how I would wear it or what my hair would have to be like, but finally I came up with this! 

March 31, 2014


I'm a good girl. There really is no way to twist it or turn it. No matter what way you flip it, I'm still probably one of the most simple girls you'll ever meet. Dramatic...but simple. (If that makes any sense.) So lately, I think I've been trying to experience a little bit of rebellion without actually living like one. Hence, the hair...

February 12, 2014

"Take the Plunge" by Penningtons

Valentine's Day means so much more to me this year. Why? Because I'm happy. 2013 was SUCH a trying year in all aspects, so this time around its all about digging deep and finding "ME". For so long, I've been thrown around emotionally because I would allow my relationships to take such strong hold on me. So now that I know where my opportunities to learn are, I am slowly but surely moving right along. I'm excited for this new journey I'm in the midst of taking. 
This journey of TRULY loving myself.