February 12, 2014

"Take the Plunge" by Penningtons

Valentine's Day means so much more to me this year. Why? Because I'm happy. 2013 was SUCH a trying year in all aspects, so this time around its all about digging deep and finding "ME". For so long, I've been thrown around emotionally because I would allow my relationships to take such strong hold on me. So now that I know where my opportunities to learn are, I am slowly but surely moving right along. I'm excited for this new journey I'm in the midst of taking. 
This journey of TRULY loving myself.

Seeing that this is my first blog post of the year (follow me on Instagram "@FlawsofCouture", I post there ALL the time!), why not start off with a LOVELY bang? Penningtons is one of my favourite places to shop now that the MBLM Style line is there making a huge statement. But, what makes me love them even more now is that they are revamping their intimates section. The bra that you see below is one of the new stunners that Pennington's has in store. It has a deep plunge down the middle for that extra sexy flare that most plus size bra's lack. Let's be honest, when full figured women have a hot date, it's hard to find something that's REALLY going to turn your significant other's head. Well, there's really no need to worry about that any longer because Penningtons' new "tiVOGLIO" line has it all! And when I say "ALL"...that includes MATCHING PANTIES! (Someone loves us enough to give us matching panties! haha) Get them: HERE!

A special thank you to Penningtons for allowing me to go in and get my new favourite bras! Also for listening to their customers! It's important that full figured women feel sexy. When I took a look at this new collection in store, I completely got that feeling. Hence, this post. From the details of lace, to the incredible coverage and fit...I am completely and utterly sold.

I've "Taken the Plunge".


Plunge Bra & Lace Satin Panties: Penningtons
Garters: Torrid

PS. This photo has not been edited in any way other than CROPPING for a closer view. I think that it is important that we all embrace every nook and cranny of our FULL bodies. We are beautiful. YOU are beautiful. Valentine's day is just another day for you to be sexy! Go and enjoy whether you're boo'ed up or living the single life! There is no limit to LOVE!

Oh...and Sorry, Mommy. ;)

-Sash xo

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  1. YESS! i love sexy plus size lingerie, its always something lacking when i go into stores and see "plus size lingerie" you look awesome, keep embracing your curves!