March 31, 2014


I'm a good girl. There really is no way to twist it or turn it. No matter what way you flip it, I'm still probably one of the most simple girls you'll ever meet. Dramatic...but simple. (If that makes any sense.) So lately, I think I've been trying to experience a little bit of rebellion without actually living like one. Hence, the hair...

Ive always been so scared of doing the most simple things. I've always wanted to try another hair colour...never thought the first time I dyed my hair it would be purple though...but at least I gave it a wack! Fortunately, I LOVE IT! And what I've gotten from this very simple change, is that life is too short to be terrified of everything...and life is WAY too short to have boring hair!

Question: How many of you have tried ordering from boutiques you found over Instagram? Now, I've heard horror stories, but luckily I've had awesome experiences thus far. One of my favourite boutiques would have to be Luxe Vain Boutique. You guys have seen me in another dress of theirs in the past, but this one is my latest obsession. If this is your kind of thing, make sure you check them out, here
PS. Which Instagram boutiques are your fav?

Sash xo

Dress: Shoes: Torrid/ Stack Rings: Charlotte Russe


  1. I love the dress girl! You look amazing! And I love the purple hair!


  2. Your hair is amazing! I have tried to change my hair color but everytime I get the same answer, the bleaching will dry out my hair and ruin it. How did they do your hair and how do you maintain it?‎

  3. Cherrie J, Thank you so much, beauty!

  4. Cookies... Glad you like it! And you should go for it! I mean, I didn't do it to my own hair so that was more comforting for me. But I did it to my weave! Either way, I maintain it by keeping it moisturized and I cover it with a silk bonnet at night!! I don't really know much about HOW she did it, I just paid her and got what I wanted lol. But you should check her out! on instagram, she's @ThyColourGod !! I bet you'd look AMAZING with a new hair colour! Keep me posted!

  5. I've searched their website, I cannot find this dress!!!!! :(