February 08, 2015

Pope White

My aim is to find as many clean cut Olivia Pope-like coats as possible before this Winter ends. I'm convinced that no girl's wardrobe is complete without an EXCEPTIONAL coat. Now, I know EXACTLY what you're going to say. "Finding a winter coat that fits your curvy body is enough of a struggle; much less fashionable coats like trenches and such." I know! This is why I've made it my mission! And this time...Forever 21 prevails. Gone are the days where I dress well from head toe just to throw on an ugly winter coat for survival! Don't you just hate that? 

Ya, I hate it too. That's exactly why I didn't double think when I saw this cream coat in Forever21. It's so elegant and so clean cut, I wasn't going to leave it behind. I decided to pair it with this oversized cowled knit tunic I found in Addition Elle. The leggings are also from Addition Elle but about two years old. What I love about them is how they hold your tummy in. No real need for crazy undergarments when your pants do all the work! I'm sure you guys are no strangers to the Penningtons heels I got on! They're my favourite. Probably because they're SO COMFORTABLE and because tan is such a workable colour. A little bit of this; a little bit of that and VOILA! There you have it....Sasha's take on Olivia Popes slayyyyage! 
Creamy layers is ALL that mattered this time around and I'm not regretting it!

Sash xo


  1. love it!!!!

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