February 03, 2015

Winter Blues

When you're a size 24 in Canada...all things "fashion" become a tad bit more difficult. Let's just say it plain... Big girls don't have much option here if they want fashion versatility. Although Canada is taking baby steps to give the plus size girl more options, a trip to the mall is still more of a mundane window shopping experience. This is the sad truth...we've known this. So when I walked into Old Navy and saw this chic powder blue coat IN MY SIZE, I just had to have it. Ladies, these are things you DO NOT leave behind. I know at times we get so picky because we're either ballin' on a budget or we just aren't sure we can pull it off. But listen, keep the receipt just in case! Don't miss out on a powerful piece just because doubts got in the way.

Coat: Old Navy/ Peplum & Leggings: Addition Elle/ Heels: Torrid

I ended up pairing it with these super cute leggings and peplum top from Addition Elle. The heels are a recent buy from Torrid. And just like that, I've got a basic but chic outfit for my evening on the town. Its easy to get the Winter blues, but girls...snap out of it. We've got appearances to make!
So, what fab piece are you going back to snag at the mall?