February 01, 2015

Winter Casual

Minimalism. I'm learning to listen to myself in every single aspect of my life. What I've found is that I'm happiest without all the fluff. Without all the extra stuff that comes with "being on fleek" in life.  And it applies to my clothing choices too. There was a time when I would want 'MORE'. More of everything. More jewelry, more garments, more makeup...shoot, more hair! But really, it wasn't me. Sure, I looked good in it, but one hour in and I would be ready to tear it all off!
What's the point?

Why not wear what you actually want regardless of what's popular on Instagram? I find that we are so heavily influenced by this glamorous life on IG that we forget to indulge in what makes us unique. We forget to indulge in what is real. 

So here I am in this SUPER comfy fuzzy sweater from Addition Elle. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. So much so that I got another one in black! It was giving me this oversized slouchy goodness that I wasn't willing to pass up. I went up two sizes in order to achieve the oversized look. I then decided to pair it with these destressed jeans I got from Wet Seal+  along side these sexy tan (and COMFY!) tassel heels from Penningtons. (Wet Seal isn't in Canada) 

And SHA-BAM! Simple...but how do you like it?