March 19, 2015


It's the G-day!!!!! So I'm 23 today and I'm feeling good! I'm not where I thought I'd be by now but I'm more than okay with that. Why am I okay you ask? Well, I'm okay with that because I'm simply living! How many people stop and actually smell the damn roses?? Not many of us do and I feel like I'm finally starting to enjoy life because I'm slowly freeing myself of other peoples expectations and opinions. We all start off with an IDFWU attitude but quickly end up catching some type of feelings! Sasha and I are literally experiencing some crazy, yet amazing changes in our lives and all we did was start smelling the roses and putting in the work. When you separate yourself and live the way you want; it becomes a freeing experience. I guess I'm feeling all inspirational because it's my birthday, but mostly because life is on it's way up for me and I'm friggin excited! 22 was fun, crazy and emotional so let's see what 23 has up it's sleeve! 

I spotted this denim dress in Penningtons about a week ago and I wasn't about to leave it behind. How appropriate for the season is this?! Being that denim is such a spring trend, I figured I'd hop right on that train. Plus, what's more exciting to a big girl than knowing her outfit consists of ONE bad-ass garment? Feels great, it's simple, and I love it. The shoes are a buy from Torrid but I'm sure you knew that because I am OBSESSED with them. 

Ladies...after the outfit is on and all is said and done...we should ask ourselves a question. How many of us are actually stoping to smell the roses and enjoy life? 

Garcia xo 


  1. Happy Birthday! I am loving this look!

  2. Are those shoes comfortable? Love them.