March 29, 2015

Black girl nude.

This was the closest I could get to being in my birthday suit. Nudes. I adore a nude outfit. I don't know if that's because I'm obsessed with the Kim Kardashian look or if its just because it looks great on almost anyone. Either way...I love it. So when I saw Voluptuous Clothing post it as new inventory on their Instagram page, I knew I had to have it. 
It was mine from the minute I laid eyes on it.

Now, generally, I'm scared of these kind of dresses. Body-con can be a big girl's worst enemy, but BOY is this dress forgiving (yes, I said forgiving...relax lol)! Because of this super sexy rouching detail, I was able to mask some of the tummy that I wasn't interested in putting on display. I chose to pair it with nude heels. One thing I usually despise is when a beautiful nude outfit is ruined but a very mundane black shoe...or coloured shoe for that matter. To me, nude has to be nude all throughout. It has to stand alone. Which is why I picked these $10 heels up QUICK when I saw them on sale at Target! Those were not staying behind....and can't you see why?!

While I was shooting this post, I couldn't help but notice how many people stopped, honked or yelled positive feedback out of their cars. I was kinda overwhelmed by how happy people were to see a confident plus sized girl strutting her stuff LITERALLY in the middle of Queen Street. Ladies, we are headed in the right direction. There are people who want to see us. There are people who are ready for us to take our rightful place. We just need to take our bodies and our confidence to the next level, every-single- day. So today, I dare you.
 I dare you to be sexy.

Sash xo


  1. How did we get to this stage that we are afraid to show our beauty as bigger woman?
    When actually, we are fabulous, sexy Woman
    Last week I was saying I cannot date till I lose 20 pounds! Can you believe I am afraid as I am not stick thin. I am trying to get my sexy back and purely by chance, from a Tumblr post, I find myself here.
    Youre inspiration and by looking at your beauty, I feel love for my body too. I am seeing the beauty
    Thank you xxxx