April 26, 2015


I decided to go SPANX-less this time around for the simple fact that....I felt like it! I know how big of a discussion support garments are within the plus size community. With half the community saying yes and the rest saying no, I had to channel my own thoughts today when getting out this outfit. Usually, I'm all for the SPANX, but today I felt restless and I wasn't about to restrict myself anymore than I had already felt. You know when you're just NOT tryna be sucked in and fidgeting with an annoying garment  for the next few hours?
 Yeah....that's how I was feeling.

April 24, 2015

Dare Magazine Feature

Well, I'll be damned! There really isn't much to be said. We're so grateful and so excited to be apart of this month's blogger issue of Dare Magazine. When Garcia and I were approached by the Dare Magazine team about a feature for this issue, we were not only honoured, but we just knew we had to be a part of it! Have you read this months issue? If you haven't....GET ON IT. Not because we're in it, but because its such a full and well rounded issue. So many familiar faces and such great lifestyle tips for full figured women. I promise you, it's a fantastic read.

Thank you to Dare Magazine again for having us in this issue. We can't wait to do another! Subscribe and see our feature, HERE!

Garcia & Sasha xo

April 12, 2015

Addicted to Nude

What can I say...I'm addicted to nude. Last post I brought you to Voluptuous Clothing where I found that impeccable wrap detailed nude dress that I couldn't help but have. Well, at that same visit...I came across these two pieces as well. Obviously...there's a trend here.