April 26, 2015


I decided to go SPANX-less this time around for the simple fact that....I felt like it! I know how big of a discussion support garments are within the plus size community. With half the community saying yes and the rest saying no, I had to channel my own thoughts today when getting out this outfit. Usually, I'm all for the SPANX, but today I felt restless and I wasn't about to restrict myself anymore than I had already felt. You know when you're just NOT tryna be sucked in and fidgeting with an annoying garment  for the next few hours?
 Yeah....that's how I was feeling.

Well, today when I was pulling out this super cute top that I got from Charlotte Russe Plus. I just knew that I had to pair it with something sexy. This pencil skirt from Target is a winner. It's perfect for the Spring and a banger on the body! Underneath it though, is nothing but a girl's normal undy. I remembered a fellow designer friend of mine talking about no longer wearing uncomfortable undergarments and how it makes people accept you for who you are and what you come with. That spoke to me in so many ways. So much so that I decided to try it out. I decided to walk out, say this is me, if you don't like it...then too bad. Unbothered. Belly and All. #UnbotheredBellyAndAll 
(Shout out to my girl Crissy The Doll for that hashtag!) 
It's definitely a movement!

Sash xo