June 27, 2015

#FOCInMyCity! [1st Stop: The DMV]

It is with such pleasure that we bring this to you all! As you all know, we, Flaws of Couture have ventured out in the last few years starting an unapologetic clothing brand that has taken off in speeds that we couldn't even imagine! Since we've started, we've watched what was just supposed to be a T-SHIRT line, grow into a culture within the plus size community! Over the years, we've responded to countless e-mails and comments regarding opportunities to model for us. But given the fact that we are based in Toronto, our 90% American following was never able to participate. 

June 18, 2015

Cover me in black

Black is slowly but SURELY becoming my favourite colour to wear. I know, I know...everyone says it's a shade and only people who 'hide their body' call it a favourite. BUT, whether colour or shade-black just gets me. It's simple yet classic. It goes well with my outfits, shoes and not to mention my lipsticks! Obviously, I don't have a problem with showing some skin. This outfit isn't for anyone who can't handle a few stares. My top is from H&M and I'm also wearing my favourite Addition-Elle skirt! The black (what a surprise) strapped heels are from torrid, but the gold detailing makes it FIRE(hot!)! 

Come on...admit it. You love black just as much as I do. Don't you? 

June 07, 2015


To me, it was pretty simple. I had been following Nadia Aboulhosn for years. From the jump. She was the one blogger that I couldn't keep my eyes off of. I literally watched her grow. 
Fast forward a few years, and here we finally have it. Nadia designs her first collection with Boohoo like only she could. So the answer was simple; it was only right that I buy some of her pieces. It was only right that I support. Nadia has always been a reminder to me that no matter what you do, you gotta put in the work. I've always said to Garcia, "Nadia gon' be the Queen no matter how they shuffle."...And I stand by that. She has truly changed the blogger game and this collection is nothing short of a reflection of that.