June 27, 2015

#FOCInMyCity! [1st Stop: The DMV]

It is with such pleasure that we bring this to you all! As you all know, we, Flaws of Couture have ventured out in the last few years starting an unapologetic clothing brand that has taken off in speeds that we couldn't even imagine! Since we've started, we've watched what was just supposed to be a T-SHIRT line, grow into a culture within the plus size community! Over the years, we've responded to countless e-mails and comments regarding opportunities to model for us. But given the fact that we are based in Toronto, our 90% American following was never able to participate. 

Well now, we've decided to come to you! You asked, you begged, we answered and we're making it happen! FOC brings to you, #FOCInMyCity! It's our way of going wherever our pocketbooks will take us! We want to give three girls from each city/state a chance to show us what they got in order to be chosen to model and be the face of the next released FOC collection! 

Up next is the Fall collection and our first stop is DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). We will be holding an open model call at  Le Bustiere Boutique in DC on July 25th from 9-11am! All model requirements are listed below! We can't wait to meet you!  If you believe that you or a friend has what it takes to be an FOC model, we need to see you there!  

·SIZE 12 & UP / 18 YRS OLD & UP
·HEAD-SHOT & FULL BODY SHOT (these do not have to be professional photos but they must be clear. No selfies,  no mirror photos.)
·A PAIR OF HEELS (you may not have to walk in these)
.CLEAN NUDE FACE (Hair out of face)


By the way,  have you seen our Buzzfeed feature? Like...OMGGGGG! Who knew that 'WE' would be featured on 'THEE' BuzzFeed! Someone pinch us...please!
Check it out HERE!  

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  1. Where can I purchase your crop tops from that the models are wearing in the buzzfeed