August 02, 2015

You Make The Rules

 Yes. "You would've wore this with some pants." We get it. The safe route is just that;---SAFE. But then how can you really have fun with fashion? How can you really express yourself if all you're going to do is what's safe? Like I say to Garcia, "After you buy this, what is the difference between your body and the hanger it was just on?" How are you going to make it your own? Garcia and I are totally aware of how shocked people might be when seeing a big girl wear a short dress. It's either the stare that says, "You're not skinny, you shouldn't be wearing that..." or its the "OMG, you look amazing...I wish I had your confidence." We know what each stare means because we've often had people come up to us and express how they feel. You don't have to be skinny to be daring. And you DON'T have to have "our confidence" to try new things. Your own will do just fine!

When Garcia and I saw this super cute top/dress in our local Penningtons store, (Shout out to Penningtons at Queen and 410 ---UH-mazing staff!) we knew it was coming home with us! And not only that...we knew we had to do a very RARE thing---blog together. The crazy thing about it is this...we BOTH had the exact same vision for it. Nowhere in our minds did pants, leggings or joggers come up. We both had spandex shorts in mind for the windy days and that was it.

Now, we're not saying that every girl should wear it the way we do. You make your own rules. This outfit could be phenomenal with some jeggings or even denim. Heck, you could wear it with flats and a super cute grungey clutch. Whatever it is, after you buy it, its yours. That's our rule. We challenge ourselves to wear our clothing in different ways. This time around, Penningtons got us looking like Beyonce! Do we look mad about that? Listen, life is too short to play it safe. You don't have to dream of being stylish and sexy! It doesn't have to be this fairytale experience that you watch online or on TV.  This is just a lightbulb moment away. All you need to do is free yourself from people's opinion, go digging for the confidence that IS in you and get your booty into Penningtons. They have a lot of cute stuff lately. Take advantage. 

Garcia's Infamous Shoes: Torrid/ Sasha's Shoes: Torrid / Both watches are from Fossil

Garcia & Sasha 


  1. Yesss! You girls look amazing!

  2. I love to wear short dresses long as it's long enough to cover my rump I'm down! You ladies look absolutely fabulous and it's means everything to have such stylish bloggers in Canada xo

    1. That is the sweetest thing! Thanks so much! We are trying to make sure people know that Canadian girls are a force to be reckoned with! I agree about the length though, MUST be enough to cover the rump! lol xoxo

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