September 28, 2015

H*e to Housewife

 "Nudity empowers some. Modesty empowers some. Different things empower different women and its not your place to tell her which one it is." - unknown

It's tradition to show my boyfriend blog posts before the world gets to see them. It's something I decided to do when we first started dating, just to make him feel included in the process. I love getting his opinion on what things he likes...and sometimes dislikes. When I showed him this post, I couldn't stop laughing at his response. He said the good old.."It's like you went from 'Hoe to Housewife' in one post". I knew exactly what he was referring to. In my last post, I wore this beautiful sheer dress from Rebdolls and while MANY people loved it (HUGE RESPONSE!), there were some who believed it  was "slutty".."attention seeking", or just "way too much".

I couldn't be more pleased with the response from that post. Its about time that we exercise who we are as beings AND as sexual beings. I chose to use the opening quote because we need to realize that our bodies mean different things to us all. Nudity empowers me. But so does modesty. I'm right in the middle of the spectrum, but there are people who are on either side. We shouldn't assume that a woman wearing less is any less of a being than a woman who wears more. And we should know that a woman who wears more is just as sexy and in tune with her body as the woman who wears less. 

Regardless, let's just say that my boyfriend prefers THIS "housewife" look. And I love it too. The dress was a very old buy from Addition Elle, while the jacket is a new buy from POSHSQUARE online. I just discovered this store and I've already bought three things from them! The direct link to this jacket that is NOW 50% OFF will be below. As for the bag...ALDO. Aldo never fails with the bags. I have a bad habit of buying things in more than one colour. I have both this bag and this jacket in both nude and black. was necessary...wouldn't you agree?

Dress: Addition Elle (Old buy)
Shoes: Target

I think it's important to be versatile. There is nothing wrong with stepping in and out of your comfort.

Sash xo


  1. From "Hoe to Housewife"?!?!?! I LOVE IT! Who made the rules saying we had to be covered up anyway? I've heard a lot of good reviews about PoshSquare, I think I'll check them out.

    1. Exactly! Wear whatever makes you happy! And yes, you should check them out. They have great pieces.

  2. I'm in love with this outfit. You did a great job! Yasss, honey.

    1. Thanks girl! You're such an awesome support! I really appreciate that! xo