September 18, 2015

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Let's face it. Sometimes you don't want to do all of the dramatics. Sometimes you just want to throw something on and have it work. Not all of us want to plan an outstanding outfit in advance. Some of us don't have time for it, and some of us just don't care to do it at all. 
This is why great staple pieces are imperative!

Nude is neutral. Its that..."I'm wearing something...but I'm wearing nothing" approach to fashion. I love it. Even though technically, this is NOT MY's somebody's and you get the point. I then threw this faux fur vest from Penningtons over my nude ensemble, and I was done. Yup, there it is...thats it for today folks! lol ...Kidding. Well, I'm kinda not kidding...thats really all there is to do sometimes in order to spice up your look. Its okay to throw on all black or all white or all pink for that matter. Just as long as you're going to throw on that additional piece that speaks for itself and brings the whole outfit together. It doesn't have to be tons of work. Work smarter; not harder.

Shirt: Forever 21
Heels: Torrid

What do you think?

Garcia xo


  1. Well, I think you look absolutely fabulous hon! Loving this "nude" look on Simple yet chic and put together. That faux fur vest is everythaaang :)

    1. Thanks so much girl! I appreciate the love!!