September 20, 2015

SexyPlus & Rebdolls

THEN there's "Not being afraid of your body". Another thing on the list of what we have to teach ourselves to do during this body positive movement. It's hard. I know. But there are multiple ways to exercise your boldness. You can get into yoga, you can join a pole dancing class, you can go public in your first bikini or you can do it the way I do it. And that's occasionally through my choice of clothing...

When I saw this mesh dress on @Rebdolls IG page...I yelped. lol Right away, I got online and purchased. Oh...I know what you're thinking. "She must be ballin'...buying things all willy nilly" but I'll explain. The great thing about Rebdolls is that I can just go and get something. They are so reasonably priced, it's ridiculous. I always know that I can get great pieces for great prices. I've told you guys before, if you're looking for a place that caters to younger women, that's trendy and stylish...Rebdolls has you. much as I love this dress, I couldn't help but KNOW that if anyone wears it, they were going to wear it "as is". Either you do that or you throw a jacket on which is why I had to find something unique to pair it with. A week ago I was on @SexyPlus IG (awesome plus size boutique located in Mississauga Ontario) and I saw one of her models wearing these fur trimmed sleeves. They were literally just sleeves...and I couldn't get them out of my head. They weren't on her online store, so I drove to get it in store. This was the perfect match. These sleeves...that dress...
You be the judge.

Fur Trimmed Sleeves: Sexy Plus Clothing
Dress: Rebdolls
Heels: Target 
Bangles: Rainbow

I'd love to know what ways you all are choosing to exercise your comfort with your body? 
Fill me in, ladies!

Sasha xo


  1. Although I wouldnt wear it out, I have to say that you look stunning in it! Maybe great for vacays when you have a bikini underneath and need something to "cover up"
    Cookies, Chaos & C'est la Vie

    1. YES! It can be worn in many different ways! Thanks beauty!

  2. I would love to order from there website, but the size chart is I little confusing to me. In a normal store I would were a 1x but on their website it would be any wear from a 2-3 x. My measurements ain the waist is 35 and hips 50. I just want to order the right size . please help . thank you

    1. Hey girly! Send me an email letting me know its you at:! Ill help you narrow it down there depending on the shirt you're looking into!