October 12, 2015

FOC Details

Two pieces. Maximum. That's a little challenge I've had for myself over the last year. I find that the old cliche saying of "less is more" really does work best for me. I used to be the type that would wear everything in my closet at once. It may have worked then, but it definitely doesn't work now...

When I went into Forever21, I wasn't expecting to find this one piece denim jumper. It was actually the last one hanging there in the distance and a size too small, but there was no way I was leaving it behind (find the exact denim jumber: HERE). I already knew that I was going to wear it with my camel coat and faux-fur stole-collar. 

There is magic in the details. I don't know about anywhere else, but here in Canada, it seems as though we went from Summer straight into Winter. We've been getting some cold days so I am not afraid at all to pull out my Fall/Winter wear. I know I'm going to get a lot of questions about my faux-fur...so here are the details! My faux fur stole is portable. It isn't apart of the jacket, but you can take it from jacket to jacket. I love this piece because you get to take a basic outfit and make it into a classier one instantly. We may not have the "tangible" wealth, but we sure can look like we do. It's my sexiest accessory this season...I can't wait to wear my other colors. 

Denim Jumper: Forever21 Plus
Camel Trench Coat: Roamans
Portable Faux Fur Stole-Collar: FOC Details (Coming soon)
Heels: Torrid

What do you guys think about this look? Super doable, no?

Sash xo