December 18, 2015

Continuation of "4 Holiday Looks That Don't Over-do Sequins & Glitter"

Well, if you caught our last post, you're probably trying to get a look at the 2 other looks that complete this 4 part series. Welcome back! But if you didn't catch the last post, feel free to go take a look before or after you scroll through! Below are two more looks for the holidays that DO NOT over-do sequins and/or glitter.

Look 3:

This dress is elegance. You're probably not going to wear it to your family dinner, but you're definitely going to wear it to your work's Holiday extravaganza. Three words…"Off. The. Shoulders." I livvvvvve for a beautiful off the shoulder dress. There is such class in that cut, so when I saw this number in the SexyPlus Clothing store…I knew it had to be introduced to my body. 

Now, listen…I'm usually not a high-low/waterfall effect kinds girl, but that just goes to show you that you should try EVERYTHING on. You just don't know what YOUR body can do for a garment. This season, I love the luxe look. That would explain why we decided to start offering our faux fur pieces so that all of you could be in on this seasons luxurious looks. Adding this faux fur stole piece in black brought a level of luxury that I truly believe no clutch or purse could bring. Your bag doesn't have to be your only accessory this holiday season. Try something new. Live Luxe. 

Faux Fur Stole: FOC Details
Shoes: Torrid

4th & Final Look:
Garcia brings you the ever so popular lace-up v-neck dress.  This dress is another show-stopper. It's young, its current and its perfect for the season with a few extra pieces added! By now, you know that adding faux fur pieces give the luxe look, so that's what Garcia did with this look. Who knew that even a simple plaid coat could look so good with this number?

Coat: Old buy from Old Navy
Faux Fur: FOC Details
Shoes: Torrid

So, there you have it! 4 Holiday Looks that Don't Over-do Sequins or Glitter! For the girls who aren't as flashy and even for those who are, I hope we've inspired you with some ideas for the season! 

xo Sasha & Garcia

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