March 29, 2015

Black girl nude.

This was the closest I could get to being in my birthday suit. Nudes. I adore a nude outfit. I don't know if that's because I'm obsessed with the Kim Kardashian look or if its just because it looks great on almost anyone. Either way...I love it. So when I saw Voluptuous Clothing post it as new inventory on their Instagram page, I knew I had to have it. 
It was mine from the minute I laid eyes on it.

March 19, 2015


It's the G-day!!!!! So I'm 23 today and I'm feeling good! I'm not where I thought I'd be by now but I'm more than okay with that. Why am I okay you ask? Well, I'm okay with that because I'm simply living! How many people stop and actually smell the damn roses?? Not many of us do and I feel like I'm finally starting to enjoy life because I'm slowly freeing myself of other peoples expectations and opinions. We all start off with an IDFWU attitude but quickly end up catching some type of feelings! Sasha and I are literally experiencing some crazy, yet amazing changes in our lives and all we did was start smelling the roses and putting in the work. When you separate yourself and live the way you want; it becomes a freeing experience. I guess I'm feeling all inspirational because it's my birthday, but mostly because life is on it's way up for me and I'm friggin excited! 22 was fun, crazy and emotional so let's see what 23 has up it's sleeve! 

March 15, 2015


Let me just start off by saying that this was NOT supposed to be a post. It was one of those sets that you figured just couldn't make on to the blog for any and EVERY particular reason. Whether it be hair malfunctions, wardrobe mishaps, etc. But regardless of how critical I was being, something kept me holding on. And I think I know exactly what it is. I literally put NO THOUGHT into this outfit. Often times, I prepare for posts. Today, I really just took whatever was in reach and made it work. THIS, is what I do every day. On a day to day basis, I never give my attire too much thought. So this is my way of sharing my truth by sharing my spur of the moment combinations. 

It's unfortunate that so many of us aren't dressing for ourselves anymore. We dress to please everyone else. People we don't even know, people we do know, Instagram people....everyone but ourselves. What if we just decided to realize that we owe no fixed look to ANYONE? What if we started wearing what made us happy, regardless of what was in or what "goes together"? That's my challenge to you this week, ladies. Go into your closet, don't over think it, pick up whatever comes to mind, and make it work. It's okay for it to be all about you. 

Furry Cardigan: Sirens/ Crochet-like cropped top: Forever 21 Plus/ Leather Pants: A Frugalista's Haven/ Shoes: Torrid