January 28, 2016

Another Melissa McCarthy Experience via Penningtons

I've been so lax lately. I'm trying this new thing where I literally let life lead by making sure that I stop sweating the small stuff--- and even the not so small stuff. After all, shit happens and you really only have control over how you react to everything coming your way.

I really don't know what relevance that has to anything in this outfit, but hey…you may have needed to read that messege. Last week, I swung into Penningtons quickly with Garcia, just to see what they had going on. Just our luck, they were having an extra 50% off sale items and THIS gorgeous Melissa McCarthy faux fur trimmed jacket was a part of that sale. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had no idea that the second instalment of the Melissa McCarthy line was THAT good. I found tons of really great pieces making it so hard to choose. But when it came down to it, this jacket and its oversized pockets and faux fur WON ME OVER. I wasn't leaving it behind. No ma'am, I wasn't. 

I decided to buy it about two sizes up just because I love an oversized look. I then paired it with my black sweater from Addition Elle and these super sexy Rebel Wilson leather skinnies from Torrid. These pants aren't my favourite fit around the waist as its low rises, but the design and zippers at the ankle are to die for. Sucker for details much lol? Finally, I threw on these Torrid booties from last years winter collection and VOILA. There you have it, a perfect chill afternoon out on the town with the girls.

Have you guys shopped the Melissa McCarthy Collection at Penningtons as yet? What are you thoughts? Any favourites? Talk to me! 

Sash xo

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  1. Loving that sweater cape! Saw it on another blogger and now you--had to have it! Scored one with Lord & Taylor at a great price! Thanks for posting this!