April 14, 2016

Around The Way Girl

I'd say that its a great time to be from Toronto. Whether you like him or not, you would be fool not to admit that Mr. Graham (aka Drake) is putting this city on the MAP. Not that we haven't always been, but it's only just now that people are starting to realize that we really can play with the big dogs. 
The talent here is unmatched and unique. It's about time the world knew.


We're huge Drake fans. So it was only right for us to create a piece in our store that spoke to that emotion. After all, Drake is all about the emotions. We know we aren't the only ones, so make sure you get yours to show your love! I decided to go all white and pair it with my high wasted white jeans from Wet Seal Plus. Threw my boyfriends denim button up around my waist, added a pair of Nike sneakers and there you have it…"Around The Way Girl"at her best. Don't forget that you can get this cropped crew neck ONLY from The FOC Store! We love seeing you all in FOC! What do you guys think? 
Are you guys into the chill vibe just as much as I am this time around?

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